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I offer client-centered, relational and trauma-informed body-based counselling.

Therapeutically, this means we will become more aware of how your body talks. This helps us explore what conversations past experiences may be having with your body now. It also means that we will uncover and be curious about both conscious and unconscious stories that are disconnecting you from others and yourself. I don’t write your story, but I will look to create safety for you to open to and tell your story in your own way and time.

My approach is unique to each client and my style is curious, body-aware, and grounded. Together, we use talking, sound, movement and energy as tools to meet you where you are right now to help integrate and be aware of what is present for you.

The therapeutic space I create is trans, gender non-conforming, and queer inclusive; sex-positive, anti-oppressive, and class-conscious. I incorporate anti-bias practices into my own processing to uphold my stewardship in dismantling white supremacy. Dismantling of my own biases will never be done, but it is work to which I am committed.

All are welcome and I encourage you to arrive just as you are.


To learn more about me, head over to the about page. Or, contact me to set up a consultation or appointment.