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My full rate for a 50 minute session is $135 (plus tax). Should there be space available at my sliding scale rates, we may discuss your interest and alignment for that fee structure.

Using a sliding scale model for therapy creates the opportunity for greater access to therapy. In private practice, this means balancing financial accessibility with my own sustainability as a therapist.

All sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise discussed.

Partner or Couples Therapy:

A partners/couples 50-minute therapy sessions is $160 (plus tax).

Partners/couples must start off with a full-rate session to discuss relational material, histories, any questions you may have about the practice and modalities used, and to address any concerns to ensure a safe and therapeutically inviting space.

After the initial session, please wait at least 24 hours to digest the session before deciding if the therapy space is a good match. During this time, partners are encouraged to discuss this decision.

Should you decide to continue, we must agree to, at least, another three sessions – a separate session for every partner (to better hold you individually in our work), and then after those sessions, we would all come back and talk about what we’d work on, and make a plan going forward.

Sliding Scale Therapy Rates:

To determine the appropriate rate for a session, the rates below reflect 1.8% of your gross monthly income. This is based off of your yearly income divided by twelve months.

I will not ask for proof of income, and trust that the rate we set with one another is appropriate and accurately reflects your current situation. If you find yourself with more financial access, you may consider increasing your rate to open up more spaces in the lower range of the sliding scale.

RateGross Income Range per YearSpaces Available
CA$ 90.00CA$ 40,000.00 — $60,000.001 – Currently Full
CA$ 105.00CA$ 60,001.00 — $70,000.001 – Currently Full
CA$ 120.00CA$ 70,001.00 — $80,000.002 – Currently Full
CA$ 135.00CA$ 80,001.00 — $90,000.00As space permits
CA$ 150.00*CA$ 90,001.00 — $100,000.00+As space permits

* For those who make more than the above amount, we may discuss and choose a rate that appropriately reflects your financial access. This is my pay it forward session rate.

Low-cost, Pro Bono & Full-time Student Rates:

Low-cost and Pro Bono spaces are meant for those who fall below the threshold outlined in the sliding scale, or have precarious financial access due to ​debts, job access, immigration status, disability, care-giving, etc. Unsure if this means you? Reach out 🤔

Low-cost client spaces are reserved solely for clients who wish to work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, for a maximum of six months. At the end of that time, we’ll discuss next steps for your therapy.

Pro Bono work is meant for shorter term work, available for 16 sessions, for a maximum of six months. This is to ensure these spaces can be accessed by others who require support.

Full-time student spaces are for students who are in school full-time, with a full course load. You will be required to send in your current school schedule to be able to access these sessions. These lower-cost sessions are meant for those with financial need.

RateRate CategorySpaces Available
CA$ 90.00Full-time Student2 – Currently Full
CA$ 60.00Low-cost2 – Currently Full
CA$ 0.00Pro Bono2 – Currently Full

Why does therapy cost that much?

  • $54 – Take Home Income: To cover all living and savings needs
  • $20.25 – Business Expenses, Learning, and Supervision
  • $40.50 – Therapist Tax and CPP Contributions
  • $6.75 – Health Care – Out of Pocket
  • $13.50 – Probono Work / Reparations
  • Plus tax – $17.55 on top of $135

*Based on an average $135 for a 50 minute session
**In Toronto, living wage is about $25/hr. Due to the emotional nature of the work, therapists are recommended to see 20 clients per week for a full case load. $135/hr is equivalent to $27/hr for a 40 hour work week, just over a living wage.
Based off the work of Xris Hamilton.