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Connection: Within, Without

Text: Connection, Within, Without. Image: a person standing on a hill with stars behind them.

Connection: Within, Without will create a group experience that aids each participant in reclaiming greater, fuller and safer body awareness through relational and client-centred practices. The series invites you to relate with yourself, and others, in gentle support to re-establish and reinforce a more direct connection to feeling.

Connection: Within, Without is a seven week series that runs from February 24 to April 6, 2020, facilitated by Phill.

The series is delivered in-person for four classes (Church St. and Adelaide St, Toronto), with three supplemental video-calls between classes. Over the course of the seven weeks, we will create a safe and sustained space to come into greater and fuller body awareness. 

Due to the sensitive and relational nature of this work, this series may not be the right fit for someone who has had adverse traumatic experiences for which they are not yet being therapeutically supported. Though safe use of self is employed throughout this series, this work is not suitable for all. For this reason, an application process will help us explore whether this is the right time for you to participate in the series.