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Journey & Intuition

Ongoing in 2020

These sessions are presented on Instagram Live. We will connect more deeply to our present emotions and feelings through guided visualizations. Intuitive connections will be made to our inner selves and knowing, as well as through support from Phill. Check out @philllp on Instagram for info.

Past Events

Connection: Within, Without

February 2020

This seven-week series creates a group experience aiding participants in reclaiming greater, fuller and safer body awareness. Through relational and client-centred practices we relate with ourselves, and others, in gentle support to re-establish and reinforce a more direct connection to feeling.

Hearing Your Inner Voice

December 2019

Have you ever wanted to listen to your heart more clearly? Through guided meditation and movement, we explore holding space for our own and others’ inner-knowing. Exercises ask, “What’s here now?”, to consciously create a clearer path for our heart’s desires to be witnessed.

Dealing with Tenderness, Will and Freedom

May 2019

In this day-long workshop we explore the parts of us that say, “To receive love, I must please others.” Often younger parts of ourselves can persist into the now moment, we will learn methods of tapping into these parts so we can understand our own needs more clearly. Boundary work is at the core of this workshop.

Communication of Our Needs

October 2018

This workshop dives deeply into regression, surrounding communication of needs for our inner-child. We also explore the themes of independence, survival and being loved through a lens of play, creation, movement and meditation.

Finding the Backbone

November 2017

What do boundaries look like in physical space? In this day-long workshop, we will investigate what gentle boundaries can look like so we can maintain promises for ourselves. And, what boundaries can look like in relationship with others. We will tap into our body’s innate wisdom to be safe and effective with our own will to be independent.

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